Year 7


Project 1

This is a research project aimed at expanding your knowledge and understanding of the artistic world around you.

  1. You should choose an area from each box – try to vary the art forms you are looking at! 

  2. Challenge yourself to learn something new:  no cutting and pasting from the Internet!  Your words, your thoughts, your pictures, models, ideas and understanding are what are important and interesting to us. 

  3. You can present your work in any way you choose but each topic area should be presented in a different way.

Artistic Places

         The National Theatre

         The Tate Modern

         The Royal Albert Hall

         The Theatre Royal, Plymouth

         Sadlers Wells

         The Minnack Theatre, Cornwall

Artistic People

         Darcy Bussel

         Judy Dench

         Adam Cooper


         Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber

         Vincent Van Gogh

Artistic Styles

         Commedia Del Arte



         Ballroom Dancing

         Jazz ( Dance and / or Music)

         Pop Art

Artistic Works

         Any Play / Panto / Show you have seen live

         Any Dance you have seen live

         Any Musical Theatre you have seen live

         Any Music/ Concert you have seen live

         Any Art/ Photography/ Pottery you have seen displayed at an exhibition

         Street Theatre/ Circus / Magician