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Combining image and text is a powerful way to communicate a message to an audience. Paula Scher, in her painting Map of Africa, transforms the appearance of a map of Africa with a mass of information using a combination of words and pictures. Could you explore the creative possibilities of bringing together image and text to develop your response?

New and old buildings, built with modern and traditional materials, may combine to create a mixture of colours, patterns and shapes. Could you use these sources as a starting point to make imagery and artefacts of your own?

Bridges, subways and tunnels join places together and can have both decorative and functional qualities. Could their design features and the way they connect areas together offer you a way to explore the theme?

Valleys, waterways, gorges, embankments, roads and railways can separate and connect different parts of the landscape. Observing and recording such places might provide you with an interesting starting point.

The painting Nighthawks by Edward Hopper depicts an almost empty café and a deserted street, expressing a desolate mood of solitude and detachment. Railway stations, restaurants, airports, schools and shopping centres are usually busy and noisy places. Late at night and early in the morning these places are often deserted, creating a strange and empty atmosphere. Could you research similar sources and ideas to inspire your response?

Fred Cuming

Ando Hiroshige

David Hockney

Anselm Keifer

Eugene Boudin

Tacita Dean

Ruth Ringgold

Patrick Holo

Garry Winogrand

Suggested Websites

Alfred Stieglitz

Jacques Villegle

William Bowyer

Cornelia Parker

Fay Goodwin

Feng Dakang

Doris Salcedo

Mimo Rotella

Grayson Perry

Andrew Wyeth

Tom Phillips

Paula Scher

Barbara Kruger

Edward Hopper