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The simple act of embracing or kissing has been portrayed by many artists. One of the most celebrated depictions is Gustav Klimt’s painting The Kiss. The painting is full of symbolism and is highly decorated with paint effects, geometric patterns and flowers. Could this painting, or a similar source, provide you with inspiration for your response?

People coming together to celebrate a wedding, birthday or other special occasion might present you with a way of investigating the theme.

Movements of the body fascinate artists and designers and are the source of inspiration for many works of art. Gymnasts, acrobats, bodybuilders and dancers extend and compress their limbs in order to create interesting shapes. Could you explore and record body movement to develop your response?

Observing people as they gather, assemble, congregate or queue might provide you with an interesting starting point for your work.

The plight of refugees from war torn countries are often in the news. Muhammed Muheisen’s photograph shows a young Afghan Refugee Girl. Many refugees experience loneliness and separation; these are issues a number of artists and designers have investigated. Could you use similar starting points for your response?

Arthur Rackham

Ana Maria Pacheco

Giacomo Balla

Paula Rego

Max Beckman

Glynn Williams

Suggested Websites

Maggi Hambling

Malcolm Farley

Elizabth Peyton

Sam Taylor-Wood

Shepherd Fairey


Francis Bacon

Hussain Chalayan

Yukinori Yanagi

Edvard Munch

Kathe Kollwitz

Francisco Goya

Gustav Klimt

Muhammed Muheisen

Alban Grossdidier