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Some artists investigate the use of colour to create bold and dramatic visual effects. Bridget Riley’s painting Achaean shows the juxtaposition of vertical parallel stripes of colour to create a powerful image. You might consider researching other contextual sources and exploring your own colour combinations as a starting point for imaginative work.

Being alone and apart from your friends and family for long periods of time may be a frightening thought for some people. Imagine being isolated. How might you depict your feelings of being alone?

Artists use perspective, scale, colour and other visual devices to make things appear closer or further away, creating the illusion of depth on a flat surface. Could you explore these elements and use them imaginatively to create depth in your work?

Designers often bring together influences from different times and cultures to create new and modern styles. Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood used elements of Scottish tartan combined with punk design to create modern and original costumes for the Vienna State Ballet. You could research different approaches and styles from the history of art and design and investigate ways of bringing them together to make new and original work.

Tim Burton

Yves Klein

Leon Kossoff

Roy Lichtenstein

Leonora Carrington

Peter Blake

Joseph Beuys

Jessica Tremp

Suggested Websites

De Chirico

Arthur Rackham

Mark Rothko

Raoul Dufy

Anthony Green

Robert Rauschenburg

Hannah Hoch

Bridget Riley

Vivian Westwood