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Abdoulaye Konaté in his contemporary textile piece Génération biometrique n.5 brings together crafts of his cultural heritage such as appliqué, patchwork, and embroidery to explore immigration issues.You might consider researching your own contextual sources and experimenting with traditional techniques to express ideas regarding issues that affect you.

Individuals can unite to bring about change or resistance. Could the activities of campaigning or protesting inspire ideas for your response?

Stitching, sticking, fixing and folding are all actions that bring materials together. Conversely, ripping, tearing, cutting and dismantling are all actions that involve separating or taking something apart. Could you explore these activities to develop ideas for your work?

The act of lifting your foot away from sand, mud or snow can leave an imprint. Pressing an object into a surface can leave an interesting mark or texture. This process has been used and continues to be used by artists. Could experimenting with this idea help you develop a response?

The beautifully crafted War Horse puppet created by Basil Jones and Adrian Kohler brings together human beings and sculptural forms. The War Horse puppets are outstanding examples of how art and performance combine to animate and tell a story. The designers spent considerable time observing and sketching horses before creating their puppets. Could researching design for the theatre or cinema provide you with an interesting starting point?

Duane Hanson

Karla Black

Cindy Sherman

John Salt

Jackson Pollock

Robert Delauney

Martin Parr

Giacomo Balla

Menashe Kadishman

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